Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And so it begins...

It all started with a pin I saw on Pinterest.   Someone spray painted a thrift store lamp and made it look freaking awesome.  It looked so easy.  I'm crafty.  I can do that shit.  I decided to see what my local Goodwill had to offer in the lamp department.  I walked out with two lamps and a new-found addiction.  No really...it is an addiction.  Goodwill is like my heroin.  As I approach it on my way home from work everyday, my knuckles tighten on my steering wheel, sweat beads up on my forehead, and I tell myself, "I do not need another lamp, I do not need another lamp, I do not..."  Yeah.  I need another lamp.  I'm an upcycling addict

So I made myself a lamp.  And then another.  And another.  I gave one to my mom.  Then my sister asked me to make her one.  And then the other sister asked for one.  Friends asked if I was selling them.  "Nope, I'm not selling them."  It dawned on me, holy shit, I could totally sell these.  I just might.

My very first upcycled lamp
After spamming my friends' Facebook newsfeed with my upcycling projects, a friend suggested I start my own crafting blog.  So here I am.  And it begins.  This will be a place for me to show off projects, thrift store finds, and hopefully even post some projects for all of you other crafty bitches and upcycle junkies to try.  I hope to post on a semi-regular basis, but with a kiddo, full time job, and operating a homemade bath & body business, that may not always happen.  But stick around...this is going to be fun!